Mega-Core Magnetizer in Exploriens colors

Until recently I hadn't had the funds to obtain a #6989, and since it's roundly agreed among Spaceheads that the Mega-Core Magnetizer is the best Space ground vehicle ever, I decided to try and build my own. It seemed a feasible feat, especially since one of our Baylug members, Roger Rothaar, has made his reputation on reinterpreting original Space sets in new color schemes. I decided to use the white, black and trans-dark blue of Futuron since I had plenty of those colors, and went to work.

I had all the corresponding pieces and then was able to make improvements and additions to the original design. Since the Gungan Sub provided lots of 1x1 white thin-wall corners, I built a thin-wall fence around the two toolboxes and the rear storage compartments.

Here you can see the three ranks of Futuron minifigs in the coolest cockpit design I think TLG has ever come up with. You can also see the two toolboxes on the side platforms.

I made a real attempt to replicate the original model as much as possible, and that meant keeping to the color scheme for the cool little cars that are stowed in the top rear section of the vehicle.

Here you can see the little ship that is stored in the rear of the vehicle. The engineering used to secure the ramp and keep the ship in place is so simple and cool. I wish that TLG would retain and reuse these wonderful design aspects in their current sets. I'm especially fond of this picture because you can see how the power line to our apartment building is no longer secured by it's metal guidewire!

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