Pumpkin with Flashing Flames & Monsters!

A power outage on Saturday, October 4th from 9am to 2pm instigated an unexpected boost to my Halloween Lego spirit. I'd had an idea for a pumpkin using more of my 9V stash and immediately sorted out most of my orange parts and set to work.

Instead of teeth and eyes, my idea was to use Halloween appropriate mini-figs and make the face a kind of display case. I'd just received my UK Advent calendar and added the peasant girl and jester as they could be Halloween costumes (since they obviously aren't monsters). I styled the base to make it look like the most eeveel pumpkin in the patch!

Instead of just having them all standing in place, I tried to add an accessory to each figure to add a little extra atmosphere.

The ghost was the only mini-fig that stumped me for an appropriate accessory, but I was really happy with the jester's scepter.

Thank goodness the 9V system can be set to steady or flashing so I was able to capture this static shot of the lighting. Arranging the lights, wires and plates took some time as certain configurations would result in a mix of steady and flashing lights. I had to hook up the eyes & nose and the mouth up to the battery box in opposite directions to get everything synched to flash.

Click here for a movie of the lights with some mood music by John Carpenter.

!!WARNING!! It's a 49.1 MB file!!

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