Alpha Team Fighter

My collection of sand blue had grown fairly quickly recently (thanks to my first visit to a Pick-A-Brick shop at Legoland Carlsbad) and I wanted to try a model with it as the main color. I picked up a few of the new Alpha Team sets for those new long, dual curved slopes that I like, and then starting fiddling around. I've been having a lot of fun expanding my SNOT experience and decided to try a simple studs-pointing-in-all-axis type model. The Alpha Team Fighter that resulted only has studs in two other directions other than the usual, but I like the pseudo-aquatic/wedgy fighter plane shape that developed.

At first I was going to so something totally Aquazone, which is why the tail looks kinda fishy. I decided not to do a fish-themed vehicle because I thought I would likely get lost in the details. I wanted a quick build just for an afternoon's pleasure so I rotated the model 90 degrees on the x-axis and went for a more muscle car throb. I hoped to channel the badassness of the A-10 Warthog with the very large dual gatling lasers.

Ogel is one bad mutha. . . SHUT YO MOUTH!

I try to incorporate some actual set functions in almost all of my MOC's, so I designed the cockpit to separate from the main hull and become an escape craft.

Upon seeing the model, my father suggested that the dual gatling lasers could double as engines for the escape pod. He may not play with Lego much, but he's got the right ideas! A few modifications later and I had this. . .

The small engine pods on the escape craft rotate out for better maneuverability and the Alpha Team pilot has a greatly improved chance to come back and fight another day!

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