Alpha Team Targeting Reticle Goggles

Oh yeah!! Are you tired of takin' Ogel's offensive offal? Then get your spacegloves on a pair of these stylin' goggles that'll help you put a hot laser blast right where Ogel's armor is the thinnest!

The moment I saw the new oval-shaped cockpit piece from the newest Alpha Team line, I felt that they were just begging to be used as lenses in some kind of eyewear-themed MOC. I've worn glasses all my life, and it was a real challenge to construct such a complex, curved shape from bricks and plates.

What really got the idea going was the targeting reticle design, which, when the goggles were finished, fit perfectly in front of the eyes.

The Technic rods proved the perfect start to the frame, and a LOT of bending and adjusting was necessary. The trickiest part was getting the curves under the lenses right. Finding the right angle where they left the bridge of the nose to the rear took a lot of experimentation.

The profile shows the one weakness that I'm still trying to fix. The bridge over the nose is quite large and holds the goggles further away from the face than I'd prefer. I'm sure that this area can be "skinnied" a bit more. Also, the legs don't stay straight as they go over the ears.

"What are you lookin' at, citizen?!!"

Sometimes, a weapon and a sneer is all you need to dispense hot, laser-powered justice!

"Drop that hyperdrive and put all your appendages over your head!"

The fact that the oval-shaped cockpit piece has a click-hinge end was fantastic, as it allows the lens to be opened outward if the wearer wants to line up a shot relying on simply his own peepers.

"Bring it on, ya alien bastiches! I'll blast ya into photons!!"

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