Black Seas Barracuda

Arrrr! Avast there, matey! I have been lucky enough to acquire several copies of this set in varying stages of completeness and was able to combine them in this three-masted expansion. I didn't pay much attention to the Pirates line when it was in production, but having encountered many of the sets at my local consignment shops, I soon became swept away!

Here you can see the figurehead, the torches, and the officer soldier about to walk the plank. Jump on in, matey! The water's fine!

The best part about acquiring multiples of the BSB is getting more of those fantastic lattice window panes so I decided to build in as many as possible. I also elaborated a little on the decorative design of the rear panel that opens to reveal the captain's cabin.

Since the captain is on deck, I decided to make the rear cabin a special wizard's room. Instead of a window between the two sets of doors, I constructed a black box containing a crystal ball for the wizard to consult. You can see the princess on the left, who is the wizard's apprentice.

What's a pirate ship without treasure chests overflowing with booty? I've amassed a good collecton of gems in different colors (many thanks to Greg Bonheur!) and I've encountered many Pirate lasses in my consignment shop trips. It seemed fitting to combine these precious items into one scene.

In addition to sparkling gems, treasure chests should also be overflowing with solid gold doubloons, and quadruploons, and quintuploons! This picture shows the hold full of gold and another officer about to walk the plank. Say hello to Davey Jones, matey! *splash!*

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