Corpseville: House of Ill Repute & General Store

My wife and I, along with several of our friends, are lobster bib-wearing "Deadwood" fans (that means we REALLY like the show!). Of course, given the pervasive nasty content of the show on multiple levels, I cannot go into further detail about the dialogue or characters without becoming markedly un-family friendly! The short story is that we were to attend a western themed party, and I decided to make a few buildings to serve as centerpieces for the snack and booze table. What buildings would serve as the foundation for a town like "Deadwood?" Why, a tool store and a ladies-of-the-evening store!

These two pictures are my first attempt to add text to a photograph. I have Photoshop, but its mind-boggling labryinth of function trees makes my eyes cross almost immediately, so MS Paint came to the rescue.

That's supposed to be Al on the right along with a couple of his "employees."

When I finished the building, I got out my mini-figs and was surprised just how few specific female torsos and heads exist. It was a quite a challenge to populate the Gem with the appropriate selection of supposedly salacious servants.

You've probably noticed the rather prominent patina of dust covering everything. That's not because it took me forever to photograph this MOC, oh no! It's because I knew that a fine layer of mostly shed human skin would just add to the atmosphere!

The madam and her latest addition share the cupola, where the madam uncompromisingly informs her new recruit about all the "tricks of the trade!" You just know that innocent smile won't last the night!

Meanwhile, the warmer, softer illusion is being dispensed downstairs at the bar by the rest of the staff. Only very high-class joints can boast silver from which to quaff the brain lubricant of your choice!

I like this shot as it seems to evoke the lonely life of the bartender. Everyone's friend but nobody's lu-vah! Awwwwwww!

After you've gone "around the world", it's time to get back to minin' the gold that will pay for your next night on the town. What better place to do that then the General Store! They've got guns, picks, axes, shovels and much, much more!

"Made an enemy? Lost a friend? Solve both problems with our top-quality tools!"

Life on the frontier is HARD, and after debauching your heart out at the Gem Saloon, you're gonna need a place to collect your thoughts and ponder your next move. Thankfully, the General Store has such a sanctum of silence. Of course, depending on your last meal, it may not be silent but...

ANYWAYS, once you've concluded your "business", you can shop for all the latest firearms. Corpseville's General Store has all the latest popguns & peashooters, and their staff really knows what you'll need to get yourself out of the most precarious situations, regardless of what you did to get in trouble in the first place!

This last shot shows another happy accident when trying to make an attractive counter for firearm perusal. Five six-shooters just happened to fit quite neatly between this arrangement of tiles.

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