Crystal Conveyor

This design was directly inspired by the transports and carriers from the Lucasarts X-Wing and TIE Fighter PC games. I wanted a medium-size ship that could carry cargo modules along its sides. I had just enough of those black, heat sink-looking Space corners to make four complete cargo modules. The ship also has a rotating radar to scan for errant meteors, comets, or other dangers.

The pilot is accompanied on the long haul by a droid that monitors ship functions as well as the condition of the cargo, especially if they are tranporting any unstable elements.

My main goal for this ship was to achieve cargo modules that could be easily removed. I had all my inverse corridor corners in white in a pile and, just like the cargo modules, I had enough parts make two complete dual housings. I then combined them to form the body of the ship.

The structural integrity of the body was the most part since the corridor pieces are totally smooth inside. The cargo modules, which attach only with magnets, are braced underneath by plates that support to the fixed landing gear.

I LOVE all the chrome pieces TLG used to make so I decided to add a little hot rod spice to this ship by giving it big, shiny engines. I think the color combo of dark red and chrome conveys a nice muscle car vibe.

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