M.A.W. Multi-Angle Wing Fighter

The recent explosion of new click-hinge pieces has been fantastic for making new multi-faceted shapes. I wanted to use them in a dramatic way involving the wings of a fighter. Almost every Lego Space theme has at least one ship that is clearly designed solely for defense, and this is my attempt at that. I wanted it to be fairly small, but bristling with weapons. The wings can be positioned in a number of ways for play value. These different positions also allow the ship to land in two different ways.

This way is evocative of the old-style spaceships of 50's sci-fi movies, but it makes it very difficult for the pilot to disembark!

This configuration is more realistic. Each wing has two click hinge joints, so many different configurations are possible.

Your basic cruising mode.

Hey! The wings in this configuration form an "X"! I could call it an. . oh, wait.

Yet another variation.

This particular arrangement was what I was aiming for when I began the design. I wanted the wings to fold in and around the ship to provide added defense as well as to concentrate the guns in a roughly circular shape. This configuration was nicknamed by adversaries as the "Halo of Death."

In this side view you can see the ship's ID number.

I think the taper of the wings in this configuration adds a graceful sweep to the ship which is best seen from the rear.

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