Futuron II

A complete theme

My inspiration for this project, like the Giant Lobster, also came from two main sources; the burgeoning fan-created theme of Pre-Classic Space and the MOC's of Roger Rothaar, one of our Baylug members. Roger will often rebuild various Classic Space sets with new color schemes, and that's very close to what I'm doing here. However, I wanted to take this idea in a different direction. Knowing that TLG's license for Star Wars will eventually expire, I created a complete theme as a way of showing what I'd like to see when TLG once again produces its own Space sets. Futuron seemed a good place to start since it was the first officially named theme in the Space line and the gold-zippered torsos on the minifigs have always been my favorite.

At first, I was going to attempt to build vehicles and structures that would adhere strictly to the piece count and varying set sizes that the company has always produced, but I very quickly abandoned this restriction and added a lot of extra stuff. I kept the base color of white, but swapped trans-dark blue for trans-red since trans-red is a rarer trans-color these days and I'd like to see more of it, especially in new pieces. The same can be said for using dark red in addition to black for the accent colors. I love dark red and I think it looks great with white. I also used trans-antifreeze and some chrome bits to add sparkle and contrast.

Pad Hopper

Scanning Team

Personell Pod

E.R.T. Emergency Response Team

M.A.W. Multi-Angle Wing Fighter

Asteroid Excavator

Crystal Conveyor

Base I Control Tower Two versions!

Base I Analysis Lab

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