Islander Tree Fortress

The available space on top of our old TV was such that I was able to create a little diorama for the first time. At the foot of the Fortress you can just make out the skeletons with Conquistador hats and the skulls on spikes (my favorite decoration!). The pirate crew is making a few Soldiers walk the plank and feed the sharks while their Admiral attempts a rescue. I tried to cover the Island with as many different kinds of greenery for that crowded jungle feel.

You can see the sentry on duty on the small island, the squid that guards the grotto under the fortress, and the ivory in the bowl at the back of the grotto. You also have a better look at the two guards on the top of the fortress alongside the shaman/medicine man. I had designed a room underneath the roof for a chief and one of the gold icons from the Adventurers Jungle theme, but I never took pictures (doesn't matter though, because it was quite spartan!).

I liked the original Islander heads but I wanted to establish a different look for my tribe so I used the Native American heads from the Wild West sets. I wanted my Islanders to look aboriginal, but not childish or cartoony as I think the original Islander heads make them look like SF street mimes! For the shaman/medicine man, I wanted a look that was mysterious and slightly spooky since he's the conduit between the real world and the spirit world. I used a Darth Maul head for the bloodshot eyes and tattooed skin followed by a Fright Knight Bat Lord helmet for a little extra sinister flair.

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