The Burning Hells reborn and the Lair of Droctiliath

After the first Burning Hell diorama received very positive responses (for which I was very thankful) one individual expressed their desire to see it expand. I liked this idea as well and this fiery vision is the result. I modeled it after Vaal, the mechanical god from the original Star Trek episode, "The Apple." Why? "It is a thing to do."

The blacklight effect on the trans-orange flames is quite nice, although the lower light levels made it difficult to photograph in a way that preserves the resolution and focus.

Svisk and Claverus, twin demons of the axe, are part of the Horned King's minions that guard the entrance to the Lair of Droctiliath.

Butcher, Blutcher, and Bretcher are triplets of skull-crushing destruction, who challenge all those who would dare to free the great demon Droctiliath.

Weeder also guards the entrance from on high, firing off his black arrows into the hearts of do-gooders and then torturing them for his personal delight.

Chained skeletons splay at the foot of the cragged peak where awaits the mighty Horned King!

The Horned King directs his minions from his black throne, often leaping into the fray to wreak bloody chaos with his spinning attack of dual swords, turning bones and innards into fodder for Droctiliath.

The entrance to Droctiliath's lair. I put three old-style light bricks above the doors. With the blacklight on, that effect is washed out. However, you can see how they light up the eyes.

Here you can see how the light bricks provide some standard light. If you are powerful enough to defeat the Horned King and his fanatical minions, you may enter the Lair of Droctilitath. But beware! This ancient beast is powerful and can consume entire armies of righteous heroes!

Multiple purchases of the Ogel Mutant Squid enabled me to construct the coily apparition of Droctiliath. I got the name from combining dragon, octopus, and goliath, and I see the creature as being a combination of the three. I like the arrangement of spikes around the head as it reminds me a little bit of the Alien Queen's cowl.

Many dinosaur parts came in handy, especially the head with its serrated jaws.

Noble hero, should you win entrance to the Lair of Droctiliath, this will likely be your last vision before the life is crushed out of you!

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