Moonbase Module: Aquazone-style Observation Dome/Lounge

This MOC, like my Giant Lobster, was also inspired by Baylug's participation in the Lego Ocean Adventure exhibit. I'd been following the development of the Moonbase Module Project and have loved looking at all the creative desings that people have come up with. I thought that the Moonbase idea would translate perfectly to the underwater world of Aquazone because both themes involve surviving in hostile environments. This project was a lot of fun because I got to use a bunch of my giant trans-dark blue 1/4 domes and panels to make the biggest observation dome I could.

I only constructed one entrance because I see the module as a place for minifigs to go and relax, so keeping foot traffic to a minimum would be ideal. Also, an observation dome would most likely be on the outside edge of the complex for the most unobstructed view.

I started with the supports and the floor for the dome and used all of my 2x2x11 black pillars to hold up the whole thing. I then got out my big bag of animals and vegetation so that I could properly populate the sea floor underneath.

I made the corners of the bottom dome and the whole top dome easily removeable for an even better look inside. Knowing that the public, especially kids, is drawn in more strongly with easily recognizable popular culture characters, each big corner table in the lounge is occupied by minifigs from such well-known themes such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Castle, Pirates, and Classic Space. These proved perfect for attracting attention and encouraging closer inspection of the model.

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that Anakin is drinking milk. I wanted to slyly comment on what I think of the new Star Wars films, and really, he's just such a big baby, isn't he?!

The stairs up to the second level took awhile. Below you can see the view looking up the stairs as well as down.

As much fun as they're having downstairs, the real party's happening on the second level at the Undead table!

Good and Evil affiliations are left at the door as skeletons, ghosts, and Ogel zombies swill back the sauce! A tourist snaps a picture to show his friends that he got to rub bony shoulders with some of the afterlife's bad boys!

However, being a bad guy isn't all fun & games, and while the Green Goblin's two-fisted drinking style helps him to relax, Mary Jane's looking like she wants to sneak off to a pay phone and call AA!

Crowning all this liquid licentiousness is a little directional sensor with a few dolphins passing by to check out the humans (and inhumans!) as they engage in ribald revelry.

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