Sacrificial Altar

In preparation for another Tiki-themed party I decided to create another appropriately styled altar. This time I decided to take the grisly secret hidden underneath my Mayan Temple and bring it out into the open. Aaah, sweet little dioramas and figures, so innocent-looking, yet HUNGRY FOR FLESH!!

More specifically, hungry for the flesh of unwary bwana's lost in a jungle they do not know. I wanted to make another tall altar like my first one, but with more color accents mixed in.

The chief and his consort await the juiciest portions of todays hunt in their special dining loft. Look at that knowing smile on the consort's face! Methinks she LIKES human flesh a lot! Perhaps it's very lean!

The sharpest eyes in the tribe are stationed on the crown to watch for fresh meat. After the chief and his consort have stuffed themselves, these guys get the next best cuts to keep their eyes sharp.

The surrounding jungle is a very dangerous place, even if you're local, so the natives have carved out their own path through the perilous foliage. In fact, they've planted a very specific kind of vine along either side of the path to keep the red snakes at bay. The pretty pink flowers may look nice, but in fact their pollen is so irritating that one sniff will make you literally sneeze your brains out!

The further down the status ladder you go, the less appealing the food becomes. Here we have a couple guys trying to make the best of things with a steaming pot of bone soup. If only they knew to crack the bones open!

The heart of the Sacrifical Altar is a HOT one! The hunt was good today, and three carcasses are on the spits, roasting to perfection. I love 9v lights and use them whenever I can. Here I placed a bunch of them on a large plate, added the 1x1 cylinders and flames, and then filled around them with LOTS of 1x1 round trans-orange plates. The flicker is quite fire-like!

Burn, baby, burn! Bwana inferno!

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