Space Police I - Total Security Platform

The "Tosspot"

The Total Security Platform or "Tosspot" as it is sometimes lovingly called, is the latest in galactic enforcement. It got its nickname from the abbreviation of T.S.P.

Felons in the know will ask rookies before their first big job: "Are you ready to risk a ride on the Tosspot? You better be, 'cause no one ever comes back!"

Designed to fulfill a wide range of duties, the Total Security Platform is crammed with the best weapon, engine, and armament systems available. She can make .5 past light speed and can take down a heavy bulk-class cruiser in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to enforcement, the Total Security Platform is also able to transport dangerous prisoners with the addition of the super-secure Prison Module. For a more detailed examination of the functions of the various modules, please peruse the links below!

The Turret

The Prison Module

The Propulsion Module

Work In Progess shots

This one of the few shots I have of the first version of the ship. At this meeting a fellow club member saw how I had designed the Prison Module to separate from the rear and suggested that I have another command module in the front so that they could hook together. I slapped my head just like in the V8 commercials!

I also sat down and did a quick sketch to visualize what I wanted to do. There's a few similarities, but it's amazing how much changes from paper to final MOC!

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