Space Shuttle Lauch Pad

This is the only existing picture of the entire complex as it once was, incorporating two original and complete #1682 Space Shuttle sets as well as my heavily modified #6339 set. I was always confounded by TLG's decision to not use the wonderful 2x2x5 girder pieces again in the #6339, so I decided to integrate them into my personal version. I also greatly expanded the height of the crane tower and made the Mission Control building larger.

I had to tear down the #1682's and put them into storage or face the wrath of my significant other for hogging all the horizontal display space in our apartment! I expanded upon the design of the Shuttle from the Launch Command theme, adding some length and some details.

Here you can see the many Astronauts waiting to board the Shuttle. Although, where and how they're going to board is another question! The booster tank probably isn't the most comfortable place to ride in!

Here's a close-up of the Shuttle. I lengthened the body and replaced the trans-dark blue cockpit glass with the more realistic trans-smoke glass from the first Star Wars Snowspeeder set.

Here's you can more clearly see the rear thrusters. I wanted to acheive the bulge that occurs around the rear thrusters at the base of the tail in a more accurate way.

Here you can see the rear thrusters in proportion to the three main engines. I hope to someday build a larger version so that I can also give the entire engine section the proper cant.

The interior of the Shuttle is much the same as the one from the Launch Command theme, I've only added a 1x2x2 clear window so that the astronaut can see how he/she's operating the Canadian arm. I don't have anyone looking out because so far I haven't been able to expand this area enough so that a minifig can sit in front of the window. "It is very cramped in space."

This is a little cargo conveyor I made utilizing the three-wheeled trike. I was pleased that the rear section of the trike was just large enough to accomodate a Launch Command logo tile. I also like the tall chrome antenna (thanks to Tom Stangl for all those snazzy chrome bits from the Giant Truck!).

Here's a close-up of the Mission Control tower. I've been able to acquire more of the white jacketed supervisors (many thanks to Dan Velasco!), and now have a well-staffed control tower. I've used the newer Space Port 'figs behind the glass because I don't care for their torso design as much. You can just make out my cat Buddha in the background patiently observing all the abs chaos that ensues before his serene gaze.

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