To Command A Starfighter

After I built the StarWing in its first version, I loved it so much that I wanted to construct a larger craft that would represent the same design of the StarWing but would serve as a tactical command vessel. I wanted to have a general, a staff of tacticians, and a few fleet commanders all working in sync to monitor and direct several squadrons of StarWings. This photo was taken right after my first attempt. In the following pictures you can see how the design has been tweaked and expanded upon.

This is the final design. I was really pleased with it and kept it together for quite a few years.

Since this vessel contains so many vital crew members, it needs to have superb defenses. In addition to four rear torpedo launchers, there are dual quad laser cannons and one quad ion cannon, all at the tailgunners disposal.

Here's a better view of the tailgunner. The control stick that he holds folds up and out of the way when the canopy is open for easy disembarkment.

I wanted the seating arrangement of the cockpit of the Command Shuttle to resemble modern combat fighters in that the pilot is first followed by a radarman. I've used the 1x2 clear thin-wall piece here to simulate an HUD (Heads Up Display).

Here I took off the roof so the full crew compliment can be seen. From left to right we have the pilot, radarman, general, six tacticians, engineer, two squadron commanders and finally, the tailgunner.

Here's another shot showing the six tacticians. I've adopted the Space Police minifigs for my crew uniform because for me, the Futuron gold-zippered torso design is the coolest-looking Space minfig ever.

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