The Evolution of a Starfighter

After building the Command Shuttle, I wanted something a little darker and more sinister. What could be snazzier than to build an elite fighter in the unassailably cool color scheme of Space Police?

This image is a bit too bright, but you can just make out the computer banks to rear of the pilot, including one of my all-time favorite pieces, the blue 2x2 inverse-slope with computer screen (BTW, I'm always looking for more of these!). I was quite pleased how the 1x2x2 trans-red thin-walls extend the open space in the cockpit. You can see that the pilot has, in addition to a forward quad laser cannon, four torpedo launchers (two on each side of the cockpit).

I initially had another set of gray engines on the underside, but I decided it was overkill and I didn't have anyplace to attach landing gear! I never decided yet what the four rear radar dishes on the wings are for, but they look cool, so what the hey! I had to move the rear quad laser to the top rear of the tail section for a very special reason!

When I first built this ship, the cockpits were stationary. However, as my perception of the ship as a fighter for "the best of the best" became stronger, I decided it needed something special function. So I tore it down and rebuilt the middle section and both cockpits so that they could eject from the ship if too much damage was suffered.

Ejectable cockpits are all very well but I didn't want my elite pilots to get blasted right after they'd avoided the destruction of their main craft. To further fortify their escape capabilities I designed the cockpits to attach to each other so that the pilots could make a quick getaway together. I also made sure that they'd carry a quad laser with them for extra protection.

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