The Burning Hells

The new skull face design from Alpha Team 2002 is terrific, and when I remembered how a blacklight affects trans-orange and trans-antifreeze pieces, I thought I could achieve an interesting photographic effect. . .

Aaaah, the flames of perdition. Too bad the focus took a nose dive. Someday I'll make another diorama like this and work harder on the photography.

Here I tried to mix sunlight and blacklight to see if the resolution would be better but no luck.

"Who doubts the terrible power of these horns?!" I forget which Lugnetter uses this sig on all his e-mails, but I'm always reminded of it when I look at this picture. The light behind the ruby is provided by a single fiberoptic strand.

Here you can see him clearly. Don't mess with a demon with two black swords, you're just askin' fer a heap 'o trouble!

I gave names to the Horned King and all his minions in my update of this diorama on a separate webpage.

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