Thoraxians - Worker Ant

I've always felt that the Insectoids theme is another Lego Space theme that could be continued with great success if the models were designed to more closely resemble actual insects. As a lifelong fan of nature documentaries (bug ones in particular!), I've seen so many possibilites for varied shapes and functions that could be used to add playability.

This Worker Ant was the first set I built with the intention of making an entire theme. However, several factors intervened and I still just have this MOC. I might add more someday, but I'll have to have accumulate much more lime green and more Geonosian wings.

I experimented with outdoor and indoor photography and was pleased to discover that both really helped to reveal more detail in all the black pieces. Initially the body came across too spider-like, however I found some online pictures that helped me to make the head, thorax and legs more accurate in shape and proportion.

The head went through the most redesigns to condense everything I wanted. The new Viking horn pieces make perfect fangs.

Second to the head, the mini-figs took the most time and redesigns. The new 1x1 tooth piece proved instrumental. The new 1x1 to 1x1 mini-fig harness was also a blessing, especially in the same color green. I still don't think that they look buggy enough, and I hope to improve on them.

I was glad to partially obscure the torso since I'd already seen the Green Goblin torso & legs used as in a space mini-fig. I tried to make it look like the mouth really hangs down in front of the creature. The Geonosian wings were a great addition, though I'm amazed at what prices they're fetching on Bricklink! So, I may not be able to expand my figures beyond three for the whole theme!

When I started working on the legs, I had the trans-red Technic axle connector firmly in mind. Using 2-stud long red axles to make the trans-red brighter really helped. I tried most of my trans-colors in the abdomen, trans-yellow was the winner.

Right after I finished, I built the lime green fangs as an alternate defense feature. I was hoping to find a way to incorporate both size fangs on some kind of swivel at the end of the jaws. If I do, I'll post new pictures.

I love the goblet-and-mug-style space blaster, and can't seem to stop using it!


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