Tronabee Mech

Here's something else I threw together over a weekend. I wanted to try a mech using the new click-hinge rotation joints. The result was more of a marionette than a mech since it flopped or fell over constantly because of the weight. I can see now why mech builders have their own newsgroup! Mechs are hard to build, and we need all the help we can get!

My initial idea was to make a skeletal type of mech that was made mostly from clear parts. I'd been playing a LOT of Tron 2.0 on the PC and wanted to make something that looked like a digital creature, all glow-ey and sparkly. The blacklight really makes the clear parts pop, but it was a nightmare to pose because of the floppiness. Oh well, next time I'll use more hinges!

I tried to visualize the creature as some kind of energy sucking digital vampire, which is why I used the Insectoid antennas on the fingers since they remind me of the martian hands from "War Of The Worlds."

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