X-1 Flying Saucer

After obtaining several copies of the Ogel Mutant Ray set, I finally had upper and lower saucer sections in black and the X-1 is the inevitable result. It's not very detailed because I was mainly concerned with the landing gear and the special design of the seat.

I spent LOTS of R&D time getting the seat to work the way I wanted, but it was worth it. I designed the seat to fold out from the center so that the pilot could easily disembark once the ship landed and the pictures below show what happens when the pilot prepares for launch.

This is the starting positon as the pilot takes her seat.

First, the control panel folds up.

Then the back of the seat comes up to meet the pilot.

The seat then pivots back until the pilot is facing straight up.

The dome then folds down and the ship is ready for take off.

The reason the seat needed to function in this way is because of the ship's unusual flying position. Remember the flying saucer at the very end of "Cocoon"? That one flew this way as well, and I liked the alternative visual image and wanted to capture it here. I also like how the landing gear folds down to make the ship look like a jellyfish traveling through the vacuum of space.

Here you can see that the pilot has an excellent view, giving her the confidence to put this experimental craft through its paces.

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