Znap Zoomer

So I'd been buying a few Znap sets when they appeared on the shelves at my local consignment shop because the set they kept getting had the 9v battery box, wires, a Technic motor, and those totally groovy flexible axle cables. One of the Znap models in the set is a VTOL-style helicopter, and I'm hoping to do something on a System scale like that soon.

In the meantime, the Znap started piling up and although I never thought I was actually going to start tinkering with it, I was hopelessly sucked in and this ship is the result of trying to use most of what I have. The Znap hinge pieces work beautifully to give the wings a stowed position.

The wings fold down to a nice 30 degree angle and two of the four landing gear struts retract (the front and back ones, the ones under the wings remain fixed to hold the wings in their flight position). You can sorta see that in the following pics.

I'm really happy with the balance of the three colors in the model, although it's amazing how black absorbs so much light, even in a skeletal construction such as this.

Once I finished the model, I wanted to add something else in keeping with the Znap set ingredients, so I dug out all my 9V stuff and fashioned engine blocks with flashing lights. I was very lucky in that the 9v wires were just the right length for all the connections needed!

I'm still figuring out how to take low light pictures with my digital camera, but I think the mood is captured pretty well in these two pics. It's funny to watch the 9v lights fluctuate between sychronized and non-sychronized flashing patterns!

Surprise Model: Znap Rogers!

I had some really nice parts left over when the Zoomer was done, so after a little more tinkering I had what I think is a kooky throwback to Buck Rogers-style rocket ships.

Some leftover hinge pieces gave the rocket retractable guns. Can't you just see smoke billowing out the back and then straight up into the air?!

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