Unfortunately I lost a couple of prototype pictures of this MOC, which I think would've been fun to compare against the final model. At first, I was planning to do a Tiki-styled #928 Galaxy Explorer. I tried to make wings and a delta shape out of log bricks, but that quickly developed into a very structurally weak frame. My next attempt was much closer to the final model, but I had to find a different way for the interior to open up.

ZombieTron, the undead scourge of the galaxy spreading fear and a culinary predilection for sweetbreads wherever they roam! The more ships they attack the more zombies they can make, the more zombies they can make the greater the demand for brains!

Once they find their prey, the spikey eviscerator mouth is brought to bear. The huge tusks have been known to completely tear open a Class 5 cargo module with one swipe!

The broad spread of massive fangs ensures a long and deep tear that is sure to quickly vent air, equipment and most importantly, spacemen with juicy brains! under their helmets!

If this horrific sight is ever glimpsed by you through panic-stricken eyes, your life is at a quick end. However, your undead life is just beginning! Should you prove to meet the necessary requirements you may get the chance to become a momentary member of this moldy and morose crew.

These two zombies have served this ship for many years. They stand ready to stab fresh meat floating nearby in zero g so that it can be fed into the big mouth.

If there are too many bodies for two zombies to handle, a squad of mindless skeletons awaits a call to battle.

The big mouth, where many an intrepid space adventurer has met a grisly and untimely end. It's many rows of teeth make escape impossible.

The fangs can deploy for a special attack, and to keep any errant bodies from drifting away before they are swallowed.

***** HELP ME! HELP ME! *****

Before we find out what happens to that doomed soul in the bowels of this spaceship from hell, let us see what gives it the evil power necessary to spread its viral living death across the stars.

ZombieTron's engines need a constant supply of freshly dead skulls. Inside these skulls their former owners minds are kept alive by powerful and cruel necromancy, their minds assaulted by fantastically nightmarish dreams which produce the terror energy that enables the ZombieTron to run on pure fear. The ghoul on guard must watch for cracked skulls, as this means that the mind has shattered beyond further torture. These cracked skulls are tossed into the fire pit for later snacking (you'll see that later, if you dare!).

A brief glimps of the interior from the ghoul engineer's position. You can see how the blood from the tank runs out to the engines to keep them well-soaked in plasma.

A ghastly and hideous conglomeration of bones from species across the galaxy, the paranoid paroxysms of fear that flow from these engines are so powerful that the crews of Galaxy Class ships can be rendered insane just by passing through their wake. ZombieTron knows this and will often just circle a ship a few times to incapacitate it with the wake of fear and then auger in for the attack.

I'm lucky to have at least two dozen mini-fig skeletons, and dismembering them had some wonderful design benefits. In addition to the torsos and arms in the engines, I fashioned railing supports using the legs. It's my favorite detail on the ship.

As we get to the back of the ship we see two mysterious, black figures seated. Who can they be?! We'll have to go inside to find out. Remember that spaceman who was about to be swallowed? We're also going to find out his fate.

I designed the main body of the ship so that the interior is easily accessible for any changes that might need to made. The whole rib cage sits on top, held in place by gravity and a few ridges of 1x8 tiles.

Just grab the nose and lift!

The blood-drenched interior! On the left is the body processing station and in the center lies the virtual heart of the ship, the blood tank. On the right is the fire pit which is so hot it cracks open the bones for the masticatory pleasure of the King and Queen zombie who sit and watch with eternal hunger. They just can't get enough marrow with their brains!

The body processing station is manned by two ghouls eagerly brandishing their enchanted spears, waiting for fresh meat to come within reach of their razor-sharp blades.

Fresh meat is here! Let the butchering begin! Aaaah, that coppery taste on your undead tongue, it's going to be a good day!

I have a good supply of the new evil skeleton heads from the Alpha Team sets, so I was able to fashion twin thrones of towering, smirking terror. Old Castle capes in red had the perfect look for blood-soaked bibs.

The Queen's hat was easy to choose, but the King's took awhile. I wanted something evil, yet regal. I finally settled on a combination of parts that I thought was somewhat evocative of the design of the ship.

A creepy close-up of the blood tank. The two half-cylinders are completely full of trans-red 1x1's. I momentarily thought of trying light it up, but, there's no place on the ship where I could possibly hide a battery box, and the floor is too thin to be torn apart for wires and lights.

That ghoul we just saw who guards the blood tank has a nice view of the left engine monitoring station. Here you can see again how the blood from the tank flows out to the engines.

Boy, did the landing gear on this baby take awhile! I must have gone through 3 or 4 designs. This one works pretty well, although the red claws are only attached by two studs so they can snapped off pretty easily. It doesn't really matter though 'cause I really like the look.



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